The history of money in 10 minutes in 3 videos

1. Mutually beneficial voluntary exchange of goods preceded the emergence of money. It is more profitable to arrange for the exchange of goods than to try to take away the goods by force, risking health and life.

2. Groshima can be anything you want, if it has the properties of money, and serves the functions of money to meet the needs of society. For tens of thousands of years humankind has used as a money a variety of goods. The best money was noble metals – gold and silver.

3. Gold and silver became money because they met the needs of society in money with such qualities. Nobody forced people to use precious metals as money. But at a certain historic moment everything has changed. States monopolized money, and for refusing to use state money surrogates punished by death. People have lost their economic freedom. After hundreds of years of dictatorship of money surrogates, Bitkhin returns economic freedom to people!

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