School Bitcoin in CiHUB Kyiv 03/29/2018

In Kyiv, March 29, 2018 will be an event from the school Bitkoin: “Bitcoin for you: Safety and practical use.” Mining bitokoynov. “

Address: Kyiv, st. Khreshchatyk, 29 (2nd floor of the store “Citrus”)

Ticket price: 200 UAH. BUYERS

1 PART (19:00 – 20:00)

Master-class: “Mobile bitcomun wallet: safety and practical use”
At the master class, you will learn what bitkoyn, Bitchevoin blockage, how to safely use bitkoynom.
Some useful functions of bitcoin purses will be considered.
In practice, see how to transfer bitkoyny and take payment in bitkoyanah.

2 PART (20:00 – 21:30)

Mining bitocoins – What is it?
You will learn what mining is. Get answers to the questions: Is the bitmoan beneficial?
What is more profitable, buy bitcoins or buy equipment and mine? What income brings ASIC-miner.

Answers on questions.

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