The 421-year-old palace in Malta is sold only for bitcoins

Malta, undoubtedly, managed to position itself as one of the most friendly countries to bitcoin and other cybercriminals.
Despite the decline of bitcoin, the owner of the palace valued at $ 3 million in Valletta, Malta, refuses to accept anything other than bitcoins. According to the owner, the building is 421 years old and this palace can be used for various purposes, the building has commercial permits for various activities and has been repaired to ensure its stability, while preserving its architectural authenticity and traditional attractiveness.

The owner of the building accepts only bitcoin, however, according to a local real estate expert, it’s easier said than done. The director of business and marketing development of one of Malta’s real estate agencies notes that it is difficult to satisfy both the seller and the buyer if the transaction is carried out using cryptographic goods, especially for large offers. In addition, he notes that the volatility of cryptography is a problem, since real estate transactions require time to process documents. Changing the course of cryptography in this period may cause additional problems in the arrangements.

Despite this, real estate owners around the world are increasingly interested in taking bitcoin as a form of payment. For example, Baronesses Michelle Monet and Doug Barrummen began construction of 223,000 square meters of real estate in Dubai and will accept bitcoin as a payment for rental housing.
More recently, a mansion with an area of ​​almost 1,000 square meters, located near the Riverside Park in Manhattan, was put on the market for a total of $ 15.9 million, the seller assured that he agreed to sell the property for bitcoin.
One of the largest objects that was announced for sale, both for cash and for bitcoin, is the 16th-century mansion in Rome, with an area of ​​1,780 square meters, at a price of $ 42 million.

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