Alternative heating your house – mining heaters

The problem of central regulation

The global economic crisis, the coronavirus horror, the crisis in the energy sector and, as a result, increasing of the utility tariffs for the population – all these factors are the consequence of the intervention of the state regulator in the areas of people’s activity in which this regulation is not necessary.

For example, gas heating and central heating from a city boiler are usually using for heating your homes, greenhouses, manufacturing premises, industrial fruit and vegetable dryers. The problem is that gas and district heating are areas completely controlled by the state regulator and they have no alternative.

Suffice it to recall, how people switched stove heating to gas in the 90s of the twentieth century. It was fashionable and profitable at that time. People spent their savings, took loans, made debts, in order to gasify the house, buy heating equipment (gas boilers, convectors). 

In fact, people put a loop of gas dependence on themselves. Invested in something that actually draws out money from them. Today, the owners of gas companies have created a monopoly in the field of the gas energy system using government posts. They destroy any manifestations of competition in the energy sector through the introduction of state regulations and establishing uncontested prices for energy resources.

Our society has no choice, and it is obliged to obey the state regulator.

But do we really have no way out of this situation?

The only right decision in this situation would be to abandon the areas regulated by the state, to create and switch to the use of decentralized services not controlled by the regulator.

Gas heating alternative

An electric heating is much better alternative to central gas heating. Electric heating does not require restructuring and adaptation of room systems. Electric energy is more universal than the thermal energy of gas heating. It is used to operate equipment, electronic devices for various purposes, and also electricity can be used for heating. Electric heating devices have a higher efficiency than heating devices using direct gas combustion.

There is also a great advantage of electric energy that the receipt of it is more decentralized than the receipt of other energy carriers.

For example, to obtain gas, or oil, you need natural sources of these energy resources. They are quite rare. Access to the use of natural resources is fully controlled by the monopolists, the distribution of them is centralized. If you are not satisfied with the price of gas, you cannot choose another gas supplier that is more profitable for you. There is no market, no alternative gas suppliers, no competition.

With electric energy it is different. It can be generated decentrally, basically anywhere. It is enough to have the appropriate equipment, such as solar panels and electric energy batteries (for example, Tesla Powerwall).

There are a lot of private companies generating electricity (solar power plants, wind power plants, etc). Also, electric energy can be produced in electric generators running on liquid fuel and natural gas.

The source of electric energy is the world around us and it is impossible to centralize the production of electricity.

Conclusion: you are benefiting from rebuilding the heating system of your home, greenhouse, production facilities and offices for heating with electric energy.

Reasons for the greater benefits of using electric energy for heating:

  • Universality;
  • Reproducibility;
  • Availability;
  • Decentralization.

Over time, part of the use of electric energy will increase, and part of the use of natural energy sources (oil, gas) will decrease. Accordingly, the price of electricity will decrease, and the price of natural energy will increase.

Nowadays, the disadvantage of using electric energy for heating is its high price compared to the price of gas. However, there is a solution… 

Hotmine mining heaters

Hotmine develops and manufactures Bitcoin mining equipment. Since 2013, Hotmine has been creating not only Bitcoin Miners directly, but also Miner-heaters, which are used for space heating through the thermal energy released by Miner’s electronic components during the Mining process. 

In 2019, Hotmine developed a new type of mining heater, the Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater. Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater looks like a conventional heating battery, so it fits into the interior design of any home or office easily. Unlike other models of Miners, Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater is absolutely noiseless.

Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater Performance:

Computing Power: 9 – 11 Terahash / second

Electric power: 500 – 900 W;

Mining Efficiency: 0.062 – 0.082 W / Gigahash.

You can look at other characteristics on the product website in the specification.

By purchasing the miner heater Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater, you will benefit in:

  • Heating your premises;
  • Significant monetary savings at least, but mainly – additional income;
  • Saving your money that you used to pay for heating.

So, using the Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater you get heat, you should not pay from your budget for. Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater makes money to pay for the electricity that it uses, and also you will have profit. 

Do you think that it is impossible?

Then let’s figure out what happens and where the money comes from.

The benefits of using a Hotmine mining heater – what happens and where it comes from

At first, it is better to figure out what Bitcoin is, what mining is. Shortly, Bitcoin is a money system and money, which is the next step in the evolution of money; mining is the process of searching and hashing of an unknown number, it is necessary for the functioning of the Bitcoin system. It should be also recalled that the first one who finds the required number receives a reward in Bitcoin coins from the Bitcoin system.

In the process of mining, computational work is carried out on special processors, thermal energy is released into the environment as a result of it.

In the process of mining, you get:

  • Cash reward for your computing power in Bitcoin coins;
  • Thermal energy released during the operation of electronic components of equipment;
  • The energy consumption necessary for the operation of electronic equipment.

Energy and financial costs of heating your home

We will show the energy and financial costs of two private houses, approximately the same area (45 m2). House № 1 (part of a private house) uses gas heating. House № 2 (one-bedroom apartment) is heated centrally from the city boiler room. We take the period of the heating season from November 2019 to March 2020. The average air temperature for a given period of the heating season is + 2.64 degrees by Celsius.

Let’s begin with recalling the school physics course.

1 Joule is accepted as a unit of energy all over the world. Therefore, in these units we will estimate the amount of energy spent on heating private houses during the specified heating season.

The unit of energy capacity is Watt. What is Watt, Watt-hour you can recall in the corresponding topic at the link Watt- what it is.

To create this article, we specifically kept records of energy consumption and energy spent on heating, which are given in the table:

Month, year

House № 1 (gas heating)

House № 2 (centr. heating)

m3, MJ




November 2019

71; 2565.78




December 2019

117; 4228.11




January 2020

141; 5095.41




February 2020

142; 5131.55




March 2020 

83; 2999.43





554; 20020.28




Power, kW



Max, kW



For house № 1, we calculated the amount of energy that can be obtained by burning 1 m3 of natural gas (36137681 J/m3 = 36.14 MJ/m3) and multiplied by the number of cubes that were burned.

For house № 2, we multiplied the number of calories indicated in the bill by 4.1868 J and converted the numbers into megajoules.

To calculate the power of heating systems, the number of joules of energy that was used up for heating houses is divided by the number of seconds in a given period of time (30 + 31 + 31 + 29 + 31) * 24 * 3600 = 13132800 s., the resulting number was converted to kW .

As you can see, the maximum power of heating systems is 2 kW.

Considering the characteristics of a mining heater, three heaters from the Hotmine company are enough to heat both houses.

Energy and financial costs Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater

How much electricity will be spent on heating homes using the Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater and how much will it cost?

Month, year

House № 1 (gas heating)

House № 2 (centr. heating)





November 2019





December 2019





January 2020





February 2020





March 2020










The Bitcoin coins that Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater will earn during its use

Since Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater in the process of heating produces bitcoins, we will calculate how many bitcoins you will receive on your bitcoin wallet from the work of the Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater mining heater, as well as the equivalent of these bitcoins in USD at the rate on the 1st day of the next month.

Month, year

House № 1 (gas heating)

House № 2 (centr. heating)





November 2019





December 2019





January 2020





February 2020





March 2020










Comparing of the data and determining the financial benefits of using the mining heater Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater

Let’s compare data and figure out if the use of the Hotmine CM-1 Smart-heater mining heater is beneficial.


  1. In terms of the power of heating systems, you need to spend 5561 kWh for heating House № 1 (part of a private house); required energy for heating House № 2 (one-bedroom apartment) – 3567 kWh. Conclusion: House № 1 requires more energy for heating than House № 2.
  2. Using gas heating, House № 1 pays 129.94 USD for the heating season; using centralized heating from the city boiler house, House № 2 gives 159.52 USD for the same heating season. It turns out that House № 1 spends more energy on heating, and pays less for this energy than House № 2. Conclusion: Gas heating is more profitable than central heating.
  3. If these houses were heated with ordinary electric heaters, then House № 1 would give 344.34 USD for consumption 5561 kWh; House № 2 would give 215.48 USD for the consumption of 3567 kWh. Conclusion: Heating houses with conventional electric heaters is not profitable due to the high cost of electricity.
  4. Using Hotmine CM-1 mining-heaters for heating houses during this heating season, you will get Bitcoins: House № 1 – 0,07353750 btc (556,42 USD), House № 2 – 0,04770462 btc (355,89 USD). Since Hotmine CM-1 consumes electricity, 344.33 USD and 215.48 USD will be given away respectively from the received money for the consumption of electrical energy. The net profit of houses for the heating season could be: for House № 1 – 556,42 – 344,34 = 212,08 USD, for House № 2 – 355,89 – 215,48 = 140,41 USD. In addition, the money that the houses give in reality for heating (gas and central), in the case of heating by Hotmine CM-1 mining heaters, remains in the budget of the houses. Thus, the economic benefit of houses from using the Hotmine CM-1 mining heater is: House № 1 – 129,94 + 212,08 = 342,02 USD; House № 2 – 159,52 + 140,41 = 299,93 USD. Conclusion: Using the Hotmine CM-1 mining heater for heating is much more profitable than using gas or central heating!

Type of heating

House № 1 (gas heating)

House № 2 (centr. heating)





Gas heating





Central heating



Electrical heating



Hotmine CM-1



Profit from using Hotmine CM-1

556,42 – 344,34 = 212,08 USD

129,94 + 212,08 = 342,02 USD

355,89 – 215,48 = 140,41 USD

159,52 + 140,41 = 299,93 USD

Notes to the provided information

  • In the calculations above, we took into account the change in the computing power of the three Hotmine CM-1 mining heaters so that the total used energy was equal to the real energy costs for heating these houses;
  • In the calculations above, the average monthly change in the computing power of the Bitcoin network was taken into account;
  • In the calculations above, the nominal exchange of bitcoins received from the use of Hotmine CM-1 for the month was carried out on the 1st date of the next month, at the current bitcoin exchange rate in accordance with the rate data at blockchain . com  and the dollar to hryvnia rate according to the data of PrivatBank.

Public Benefits of Using the Hotmine CM-1 Mining Heater

In the examples and calculations above, we have clearly proved the real benefit of using the Hotmine CM-1 mining heaters for heating your homes. However, the use of Hotmine CM-1 mining heaters has significant public benefit! The use of Hotmine CM-1 mining heaters creates the necessary load on the country’s electrical networks, that is, in fact, creates a constant demand for electricity produced by domestic power plants and thus solves the problem of surplus electricity in Ukraine, and therefore the problem of raising tariffs for electricity for the population of Ukraine, as a consequence of the surplus.

If you have any questions and objections – write them in the comments!

If you are interested in purchasing Hotmine CM-1 mining heaters and want to get personal benefits and benefit the society – join the Free Energy Market Association.

Hotmine is registering the Free Energy Market Association, membership will give you the following benefits:

  • Electricity for the needs of Mining at a lower rate than for ordinary users;
  • Legal assistance in cases related to the purchase / sale of mining equipment, customs clearance, assistance in solving problems with customs officers and other structures;
  • Discount for Hotmine CM-1 mining heaters and other Hotmine products.

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